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I use science and design to create value for the clients. I care deeply about strategy and execution. With expertise inmanufacturing, operations, marketing and sales I understand business as a whole. The aim is to connect the dots and createwin-win scenarios. The belief by working together, we can create a better future.

My expertise


I work closely with the clients and my multi-disciplinary team to consistently deliver projects which, more often than not, exceed expectations.


From user-feedback, content creation to managing product road-maps. I have worked on some exciting products that have delivered a great return on investments and have been category-defining.


I love science and have built a career within Microbiology, Biotechnology and Molecular-biology market segments.


I have worked with talented colleagues and have led multi-disciplinary teams to deliver and exceed the targets.

Peer feedback



12 Years of experience | "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." - Steve R. Covey


2018 - Current

EMEA Business Developement

Working with key and strategy accounts while developing new business around the EMEA region. A right mix of products and services. Provide strategic and tactical leadership to the marketing team.

2013 - 2018

Sales and Marketing roles

Internal Sales Engineer (2013 - 2014)
Worked extensively on pricing and various business intelligence apps like Vendavo and SAP BI tools to deliver an effective pricing strategy for 26 product families.

Product Manager (2014 - 2016)
Led marketing role to launch new products. Led teams at events and trade-shows. Delivered modern design language across all the communication channels. Delivered excellent profitability and increased new product adoption.

UK Account Manager (2016 - 2018)
Proactive sales across purification of any fluids. From domestic water filtration to fizzy drinks for quick-serve restaurants. From pain applications for top tier car manufacturers to purification of recombinant proteins.

2008 - 2013

Manufacturing technician

Worked in an FDA and MHRA regulated manufacturing company producing coagulation factors such as Factor VIII, Factor IX and Factor XI. Learned and honed large scale purification techniques and delivered amazing operational results.


University of Leicester

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies

A distance-learning course whilst I was in full-time employment. Classic management studies course with a focus on International Marketing and Leadership.

University of Hertfordshire

MSc Biotechnology

A full-time Masters degree in Biotechnology with a project on understanding the best promoter for a lux gene to be used in a Biosensor.

Awarded Distinction and Best Student Award.

University of Mumbai

Join Honours - Microbiology and Biotechnology

A joint honours in classical science Microbiology and a technology-based new age subject, Biotechnology.

Professional qualifications

Oct 2018

Downstream Processing - Chromatography

Aug 2008
Asian Institute of Quality Management

Lean Six Sgima Green Belt

Jul 2008
Moody International

Lead Auditor - ISO 9001-2008

Sales and marketing skills

Consultative selling


Strategic key account management




Lead generation


Content creation


Technical skills

Molecular biology






Protein purification




Personal qualities










I love my work.
Using a piece of code to auto-tag journal enteries

Using a piece of code to auto-tag journal enteries

Innovation, User experience
Using Exel sheet to have informed sales discussion

Using Exel sheet to have informed sales discussion

Innovation, Marketing, Sales
Smart actions in digital publications

Smart actions in digital publications

Marketing, User experience
Reimagined menu bar

Reimagined menu bar

Innovation, User experience
Bookmarks for YouTube video

Bookmarks for YouTube video

Innovation, User experience
The messaging around artificial intelligence needs to change.

The messaging around artificial intelligence needs to change.

Marketing, Science
From a single filter to cruise ship

From a single filter to cruise ship

Innovation, Marketing, Sales
Glass transition temperature

Glass transition temperature

Innovation, Science


I love to write
I remember the relaunch. I was around ten years old and had to score good marks in a school test. Rs 12 was my reward and I bought my first bottle of Coke! It tasted amazing. Why Coke was banned was part of the folklore, some said because the drinks were spiked with drugs.  When it launched in the 1990s, people went crazy. Scarcity principle at play.I have been reading Market Wizards and almost 50% into it. I will write a detailed update when I finish reading the book. It is an exciting read which tells many roads that lead to Rome. The most important theme to stand out from the different Wizards interviewed is risk management. To paraphrase Howard Marks, there are two risks, risk of loss of capital or risk of missed opportunity. And good investors try to balance both.
The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise. – F. Scott Fitzgerald
After 18 months of wait, we finally managed to attend Professor Brian Cox Live at Arena Birmingham. It was the first live event for both my partner and me — a packed arena with around 11,000 people. I had never seen anything like this before — so many people who paid around £50 to be there and understand more about cosmology. The production value is superior, and you can see the amount of effort that has gone into it. A mind-blowing delivery was that of what would happen to you if you fell in a black hole. It takes the imagination of infinite scale to distil down extremely complex concepts to a layperson.
An alleged scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid – Lord Rutherford of Nelson
The talk is scientific with layers of philosophy which compel one to think about their place in the universe.
Night sky with a tree in the foreground
Image by – Clemente Ruiz Abenza @ Unsplash
A concept which shook my fundamental beliefs is the recycling of matter. Elements which support life example Carbon where made during the early years of the Universe, around 100 million years after the Big Bang. The stars when collapsed blasted all these elements into the Universe. So the stuff that you are made up of was once a part of a dying star, a single cell microbe, a tree, a dinosaur, and now it is you! When you pass away, it will become a part or something else; something incredible. I was unable to remember any of the quotes used to open the talk, but these were inspiring to say the least. They encourage you to think about your place in the Universe; how unique it is and that it is our responsibility not just to feel that we belong to a small group of people, of a particular caste, community or even a nation. But to think of ourselves as a part of this celestial universe and that we are entrusted to unravel the mysteries of the Universe and create a harmony between its existence as well as ours.The reason I blog is to have a timeline of my thoughts which chart my progress through time. I have started numerous blogs over time and have failed to maintain these. I have learnt it the hard way, through trial and error. But at the end of the day, I am making progress. Before I call blogging success, I will have to wait until the renewal of the WordPress Hosting provider. This has been the point of failure in the past. A diary helps people to reflect. What worked, what didn’t. Was there a blind spot? Could I have done it better? Without a record of some sort, it is hard to look back and review. I choose this written format which is open to the public. I feel you hold yourself more accountable by being public. You can have a private diary if you want. You can choose video diary if you so choose. But keep a record; update it regularly. Even organisations need to have an internal knowledge base where they can share their failures and triumphs. I have not seen this in any of the companies that I was a part of. One of the companies did have an internal blog but rarely anyone used it. It is sad, to say the least.
If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. – Sir Isaac Newton
The above quote is one of my mantras of life. Learn from others mistakes, at the same time do not be afraid to make them yourself. My bias towards action means I make more mistakes than others, but this also allows me to learn quickly, iterate and improve. When I say mistakes, they are not the same mistakes made repeatedly. I fail in different and new ways. You can say, I have a nack of failing in ways previously thought impossible. For companies, a searchable database of the projects, decision making, skunkworks is critical. Any and every person should be allowed to add to this knowledge base. My recommendation would be to have a structure for how to write these episodes. The one that I have made my own and I prefer is BAR. Background – provide the context. Set the scene. Action – what happened? How did it happen? As you are aware of the context, the action piece provides the crux of how things happened. Result – fail or pass? If you fail, that is OK as well. A result is a result. And you will not learn anything new if you do not make mistakes. Not allowing failure is one of the biggest crime that there is.

Changing one’s mind is one of the most difficult tasks there is. As someone who works in the sales and marketing domain, one learns to influence and inspire others. It is a key to success and a must have quality for any individual who wants to succeed. Below is an interesting long read to understand how best to approach influence and why mere facts do not change our minds.

We have to make decisions. No matter what. In work, in life. We will never get all the decisions right, but we can have a process of decision making that can help us to make informed decisions, better decisions. The outcome is never under your control. I have read other works for Chip and Dan Heath and find them informative and easy reads at the same time the impact of the message is not diluted. The purpose of reading this book was to learn to have a process around the decisions I make, especially in investing. The book does not disappoint. The book has numerous stories which lend the book a thriller-like reading pace.
Decisive – How to make better decisions by Chip and Dan Heath
Highlights from the books are below. Villains of decision making:
  • Narrow framing
  • The confirmation bias
  • Short-term emotion
  • Overconfidence.
How to overcome the villains of decision making? By a process called WRAP.
  • Widen your options
  • Reality-test your assumptions
  • Attain distance before deciding
  • Prepare to be wrong.
 I use a Garmin 735XT watch as a fitness tracker. It was at the right price at the right time, and Amazon’s search algorithm did a good job to point it out. I am happy with the device; it works like a charm, and 5-day battery life is class leading. There is one annoying little thing though. We interact with our gadgets all the time. We expect our action is met with feedback to show positive or negative outcome. This is crucial, or else the whole user experience takes a beating, and you can get confused.
Garmin 735XT watch with 50% charge.
On the top, you can see the watch has 50% battery left. Should last me a couple of days. I know this. But to be on the safer side, as I am out of the country for three days, I would like to charge it a little more to have a peace of mind that the watch will not run out of juice.
The battery icon does not show the lightning rod to feedback that the watch is charging.
Below you can see, after attaching the charger to the watch, the battery sign does not show the lightning rod which tells me that the watch is charging. This is a simple design feature. The developer seems to have missed it. Not a major issue one but the omission is enough to confuse and degrade the overall UX (user experience). And as you need to charge the watch regularly, you perform this action often. Thus, the user will experience this annoyance every single time!. . . is humility. It is the ability to say; “I may be wrong”; “I’m not above average”; “I’m not perfect”. There is scope to improve. Our near and dear ones help to keep our egos inflated. As a result, we think we are extra special, and the base rate do not apply to us. We are the exception. In fact, we are ordinary. There are very few who are indeed very good, and they get there because they keep questioning their beliefs, their status quo and keep the iterative process alive. They always improve. And unless you have the gravitas to accept how normal and fallible you are, you will never be able to learn. Learning involves starting from the position of being aware of your blind spots. And people who agree they have blind spots are the ones who also know they are incomplete, do not know everything and hence the need to learn and better themselves. People with know it all attitude, always suffer from confirmation bias, never keep in touch with the base rates, as a result, are off the mark when it comes to their capabilities and competence.A long read about 7 different ways to fix what’s broken in the US. I believe these principles apply to any country who want to change for the better.  


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