History will remember Prime Minister May in a bad light.

This is a second post on politics. The lack of leadership and indecisiveness is the reason for my thoughts are focused on Politics. These thoughts are kept private, but I deem, when I look back in time, this period will be essential, and my view should be clear.

We are in a mess and it down to one thing and one thing only – lack of leadership, pragmatic approach and saying one thing but doing exactly opposite; Thank you PM May. When you are different groups of people with varying ideologies under one roof, the best way to succeed is finding the middle ground — having strong beliefs that are held loosely. PM May failed to do this. Did not bring different parties under her confidence. Her ‘my way or the high way’ is the reason for this chaos.

My point of view is brilliantly summarised in 16th March 2019 issue of The Economist

It is tempting to blame the EU’s though negotiating stance for the mess. Yet the real culprit was Mrs May’s incompatible goals. She wanted to leave the single market and customs union, to have no hard border in Ireland and to imporse no new barriers between Northern Ireland and the British mainland. But an independent trade policy and open borders are incompatible. Refusal to accept the trade-offs inherent in leaving the EU bedevils the whole process, no matter who is incharge of it.