Mental Model – 30 tools to master logic and productivity by Kevin Wagonfoot

Charlie Munger talks about inversion and mental model – an abstraction or simplification of a system. These are the two core tenets to which he credits his wisdom.  I  am yet to read a comprehensive book on inversion, but I stumbled upon this book in one of my booklists on Amazon.

I have been reading on Options a lot lately, as a result, have been unable to post any books that I have read recently. I believe the options post in the future will contain the couple of books I have read and reading as I type.

The Mental Models book is an easy and a short read by Kevin Wagonfoot and gives you a flavour of how mentals models can help us form an informed view about the world.

The book covers themes such as

  • Decision making
  • Dealing with others
  • Explaining and understanding
  • Creativity
  • Reasoning
  • Negotiating
  • Learning
  • Business

The below passage from the book summarises what the book is about.

Each model is a simplified version of some aspect of reality we want to learn more about. Imagine a map, it is a simplified abstract way to understand physical space.  The map isn’t exactly like the land it represents, but it can tell us valuable information area it represents.