Qauntity or quality?

In life, personal or professional, one needs to make a choice. Are you going to run for the quantity or you will go slow and steady but will not compromise quality? You can always strike a delicate balance, but otherwise, these two are mutually exclusive. You can only have one.

Monster featuring its new swipe gesture to apply or to pass job applications.

Above is a screenshot of an email I received from Monster. They are a job portal, and from what it appears they now have a swipe gesture which allows you to swipe to apply for a job or to pass it.

Fair choice. Tinder brought this innovation to life. You swipe pictures left or right to choose a potential date. It’s fun. The question is, does it serve the purpose of finding a partner? I do not know the answer. I found my partner the ‘old’ way — a friend of a friend.

In Monster’s case, if I were the product leader, my focus would be matching the right candidate for the role. And you only need one candidate to fit! You may interview 4-5 candidates, but that is about it. So my focus would be geared towards the quality of the applicants and matching their abilities with what the hiring company is looking for. Gathering as many CVs/applicants as I can never be on the top of my agenda. It is a waste of time for all the parties involved.

It is not about being right or wrong. You need to find your purpose. I share mine all the time on this platform. 😇