Who is responsible – parents or the Government?

Vaccination is proven science. So it is sad to see when the religious beliefs of parents come to undermine their children’s health. I am sure; this is not intentional. The parents who do not want their children to be vaccinated do care about their children and their well being.

This is a classic case of strong beliefs strongly held. The presence of new evidence does not lead to the parents questioning their religious beliefs. And this is not happening in the so-called ‘a third world country’ this is the US! As the unvaccinated children come in contact with other children when they go to public places (childcare centres or schools), the unvaccinated children put others health at risk.

The question then arises, is the Government allowed to make an informed decision to overrule the religious beliefs and ensure the kids are vaccinated? It is where the greater good and safety of other children – the majority – take precedence over religious beliefs of the few or the minority.

I am for it. As harsh as it may sound, I always let science to change my predisposition.

Being a science student, I will always put science before religion. I do not see the reason to keep hold of a belief which is disapproved by new data. Just does not make any sense to me. It makes my earlier decision uninformed and that I made a mistake, but so what? My previous position does not make me any less as an individual. I erred, I made a bad judgement call. Now that I know the new data and understand it, I changed my point of view.

Other may not be this pragmatic and not hold strong beliefs loosely, which is sad indeed.