2nd meaningful vote

I usually avoid writing about politics. I guess this is an exception to the rule.

Yesterday, the Parliament turned down the ‘amended’ deal [I do not think there were significant amendments in the first place.]

Parliamentary democracy works by the people who vote for an individual amongst themselves to represent them and make decisions on their behalf in the Parliament. The assumption here is the elected individual will act in the interest of its people.

But, the people we elect are bound by the same biases like the ones of the electorate and yesterday’s vote showed how terrible the Parliamentarians are at decision making. They are trying to seek certainty when there is none! Life is a game of Poker – incomplete information, half-truths, uncertainty, chance/luck – and not Chess – define rules, objectivity and determined outcome – and our elected leaders are trying to turn Poker into Chess. This is never going to happen. With the deadline approaching, we are just getting ourselves into more trouble and increased uncertainty.

I voted during the referendum – most of the people who have opinions and are vocal have not voted! I voted to remain, I made the decision based on the fact that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Also, the alternative campaign To Leave was playing with unsubstantiated claims. It was not playing with the facts. [Remember, I said, the people we elect are bound by the same biases. The Leave campaign proved it.] I have since changed my decision [Scientists do this very often. If the underlying data change, change your thesis. Data is the one that guides the premise, not the other way round.]. After seeing the way EU is treating us at the negotiation table, I would rather be out than stay. I also see it from the EU’s perspective; they do not want to make it easy for members to leave. It will be bad for its existence.

Knowing that leaving the EU was not simple, knowing that in life, there are no certainties; our Parliament should have shown bias towards action, should have tried to move the process to the negotiations step instead of trying to delay the consultation and in favour of getting more certainty.

I am surprised, in this day and age, the Parliament is unable to access its electorate’s judgement. We have real-time voting for talent shows! We do not need to that quick – talent shows need to determine the vote count in hours – we can give ourselves a couple of days. In the 2 years since the start of Article 50, and during meaningful votes, the people should have had numerous votes in an electronic form. I believe, Britain has enough brains and technology to create a system based on NI number and creating Government IDs – there is already a system in place for your tax returns, visa application, etc. People should have had to vote on crucial aspects of Brexit including the 1st meaningful vote. You do not really need the archaic way of paper ballots. It is high time for electronic ballots and a regular check with the electorate on critical reforms.

To sum it, the electorate has sent people to the Parliament who are no better than themselves. And these elected politicians have failed to serve the greater good.