Infusing life in T&Cs and email

Emails have become mundane. Talking about marketing or corporate emails; they suck the life out of you.

When you put enough care to create a body which people will engage with, the experience is magical. Below is such an example of Revolut.

Screenshot of an email from Revolut.

The copy brings a smile. And that is the crucial objective of any marketing campaign and any touch point – to create a lasting positive impression.

Revolut go even further, by publishing their Terms and Conditions, the legal bit, in plain English. How cool is that!

I have tried and failed many times to work with our legal team to make the legal stuff easy to understand to a layman. It becomes boring because it is not easy to assimilate to people who are not lawyers by profession. Lawyers surely understand the legal bit, that’s their specialisation, but for the average Joe, it makes no sense at all. And I am sure, your audience is not all lawyers. So why confuse the audience? The focus should always be on users! Keep it simple.

Revolut’s plain English Ts&Cs can be found by clicking here