MMM for month is the right way forward the date format.

Microsoft pop-up. The date format creates confusion instead of clarity.

Above is a Microsoft pop-up. I am reading this on the 2nd Mar 2019. The date format (highlighted in red box) does not give a clear picture. It creates confusion and creates frustration because of the way you read the date, it is either 3rd March or 6th June!

Is it [3/6/2019] 3rd of June 2019 or is it 6th of March 2019? Would you write the same characters but it may mean different dates, almost 3 months apart! In the UK the date format is DD/MM/YYYY (date/month/year) whereas the US uses MM/DD/YYYY. There is no right or wrong here. The focus should be adding more clarity to the dates when the day is anything less than 13!

If the day is 13 or higher, then the format of the date reads the same. 13/6/2019 or 6/13/2019 – they both mean 13th June 2019.

Having worked in a controlled environment as a manufacturing scientist and being regulated by the FDA. Using a 3 character month format works wonders. This date format has stuck with me, and I always use it. I always write a month in MMM format. 3 Mar 19 or Mar 3 2019.

Another possible solution is to display day in bold. Irrespective of the format, the day being bold to add more clarity and helps deliver a clear message – 3/6/2019 or 6/3/2019

Small little things matter. One needs to pay attention or else the user experience takes a hit.

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