QWERTY works.

The debate is not whether QWERTY keyboard is better layout or not. The reality is most of us use that layout on our phones, laptops and desktops.

The non-standard keyboard layout creates a poor user experience and can result in long queues during busy periods.

So why should a parking meter be different?

The above parking meter needs you to put your car registration number before you proceed to enter the number of hours to pay the fee.

There is no rhyme or reason to have this odd keyboard layout and to catch people out.

This not only ruins the overall user experience, but people also become irritated, and the queues build up.

When there is an existing system that works unless the cost to benefit ratio exceeds there is no point breaking the routine.

The product manager for these machines should have known better and just gone with a QWERTY keyboard.

It is easy to complicate things but difficult to keep things simple.