Petrol station

At any fuel station now a days there are two options. You either pay for it fuel at the pump itself. Or you pay at the kiosk.

Paying at the kiosk is the good old way. You put the fuel. Walk to the cashier inside a store. And can buy some refreshments or car related stuff, coffee or you could just pay.

Version 2.0 is you enable the payments at the pump. The user doesn’t hae to walk to the oops. He fills the fuel. And off he goes.

The experience is annoying when you are waiting for the car ahead of you! They have chosen to pay at the kiosk. They may also want to buy some stuff. This makes your wait even longer!

From the perspective of the company the client who uses the pay at pump frees the nozzle and allows for a better turn over rate (number of customers per hour).

And if you are trying to increase your revenues separating the two is the key. Right now the nozzles operate in a hybrid mode. You can pay at pump or pay at kiosk. The issue happens when the car ahead chooses to pay at kiosk and the car behind goes for pay at pump.

The incentive for the user who choses to pay at pump is not guaranteed.

The right way to implement an improved layout would be the nozzles closer to the exit should be pay at pump only! So the drivers can fill and go. The nozzles further from the exit need to be pay at the kiosk. So shoppers can fill and also buy refreshments should they chose.

These design decisions will make for a better experience at the filling stations.