Decisions and outcomes.

Decisions are an integral part of our existence. We made numerous decisions every single day. Most of these choices have little or no impact for example:

  1. What do eat for breakfast?
  2. What do I wear to work?
  3. What will people think of me?

Personally, speaking I have automated these decisions. I have chosen cereal which I eat anytime I have breakfast at home; the act of having breakfast is almost automated. As someone who travels a lot for work, the issue arises when I am put up in Hotels, this is when I realise, oops, need to make a decision now!

As a general law, the more decisions you make, the more you tire your brain, and this may result in uninformed choices.

What happens when you make important or life-changing┬ádecisions? Based on the information available you execute a decision and expect an outcome. Below is the 2×2 matrix which gives what can happen.

2x2 matrix of decision and outcome.
2×2 matrix of decision and outcome.

Good decision with a good or desirable outcome is easily understood, and so is the wrong decision which has a bad/undesired result.

We also understand when a good decision may lead to an undesired outcome. Most of the time we experience this.

Where we fail is to understand the other two possibilities (BD/GO and GD/BO) ) when even with a bad decision can have a positive outcome which exceeds expectations. The world is random, and there are so many attributes which are beyond our control.

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