Connection between organisational culture and leadership

To understand the environment within entrepreneurial companies, whether high-tech, biotech, or no-tech at all, look to the leaders. Their attitude is what shapes the corporate culture.

Cynthia Robbins-Roth, From Alchemy to IPO.


This is so true. I gave up a nice cushy job in a Fortune 100 company to go to a startup whose annual revenue was less than the smallest division of the juggernaut I was a part of. And the reason was the attitude of my reporting manager and the managing director of the startup company.

And boy I was right! The speed at which things happened was incredible. The rate at which we made decisions was a welcomed changed as well. We cut the chase and got to the point really quick.

One of the ways you ensure the startup is a right fit is by asking to meet as many people as you can during the interview process. Check LinkedIn to ex-employees. Study the company and ask questions where the replies need to be stories and not made up box standard answers.

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