The road not taken.

The road not taken is a well-known poem by Robert Frost. Life has this ability to work in unexpected ways and deliver surprises. One has to be open-minded for these surprises happen. You need to let serendipity happen.

A fascinating insight into the early life of the Biotech industry has a similar story. The assumption of the budding industry was the immune system proteins would be the products which would push these small companies into the big boys (Pharma) club! But this never happened.

Amgen, one of the early startups of the era had revenues of $16 million in 1997. The blockbuster products turned out to be Erythropoietin (EPO) with $1.4 billion in revenues and Neupogen (a protein called Filgrastin to boost low white blood cell count) with $1 billion of sales.

I firmly believe for life – in this case, science – to work its magic; one needs to have strong beliefs – which help to stay focused during the difficult times – that are loosely held, so when the new opportunity comes knocking you can recognise it and grab it with both hands.

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