Broken UX on YouTube app on Sky

YouTube has become a stable channel for consumption. With the democratisation of content generation, I am able to see videos on investing, how to Excel videos whilst at times killing times with cat videos. 🙂

Now, YouTube can also be consumed via the Sky satellite box. Whilst watching a video, I wanted to like it, so that the prediction/suggestion algorithms cater to my likes accordingly. I only discovered then, how broken the whole experience is! You need more than 10 clicks to just like a video whilst watching it via Sky box. Ouch.


Click #1 to activate the action bar

Click #2 #3 #4 to navigate go to the menu/vertical ellipsis [ ⋮ ]


Click #5 to enter the menu

Click #7 #8 #9 to reach the thumbs up


Click #10 to like the video!

Ouch. Image result for facepalm emoji

YouTube, I am sure you can do better. There is enough space on the bar at activates on the first click.

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