Follow your passion?

A good response why ‘follow your passion’ is not a sound advice. Very few people get paid for their passion. For most of us finding a career which pays a decent wage.


Pick a career that may not be your passion but pays a decent wage.

Chris Rock’s advice for kids – you can’t be anything want; you can be anything you’re good at, as long as they’re hiring – is good. Scott Galloway’s advice – people who tell you to follow your passion are already rich – is great. It’s unpopular to say, but a career that isn’t your passion yet earns a good income can be preferable to the alternative. This is less about money and more about freedom: A low-income passion job may breed resentment as you age and have kids, mortgages, all kinds of higher bills that become burdens large enough to suffocate the joy you get from working in your passion. But a job you merely like that pays a decent income – provided you live below your means a save a chunk of that income – can eventually offer a level of financial flexibility that lets you pursue passions as hobbies, purely for their pleasure.


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