A door with a difference

On a recent trip to Stockholm I spotted this door with a difference (see the picture below). A toilet door, where the direction the door opens is marked on the floor. The design, elegance and benefits are so obvious. And yet in all these years this idea never crossed my mind. Good design is always obvious.

A door with a difference at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport

The dotted border serves so many different purposes below are the top 3

  1. It makes people passing-by aware of the door and alerts them that it may open anytime!
  2. It also tells them the direction it opens in and how far the door reaches.
  3. As it is crystal clear this is a door that will open; it warns people not to obstruct the entrance where there may be a possibility to be hit by the door while being opened.

Simple design features like these go a long way to avoid numerous problems and keep passengers safe.

Well done to Arlanda Airport and the designer.

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