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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Values change

We look at values as something that is static. For certain universal values that is true. Example, kindness, this is a universal value and should remain constant. But values, as defined by the cultures we live in, are constantly being changed, the rate of change if slow and hence its effects are not seen immediately. […]

Emergency funds

We are in a total lockdown now due to Coronavirus. The situation is grim. I have never experience the economic machine to come to a complete standstill around the world! This is indeed unprecedented. People are saying this is a Black Swan, but I personally do not think so. We knew this would happen; it […]


While growing up we were told to focus on science and maths. Ignore history and humanities subject. Smart people do science. In my mid thirties and I find myself more interested in our history. Our history informs us where we have come from. And fascinating thing about learning and being aware of history is, you […]