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Tesco – software solution

We went to our local Tesco to do our daily shopping. We use Scan and Go which allows for a smoother process and one that is quick. You do not have to transfers the things from your basket to the till to then be packed. You pick your stuff, scan it and goes straight into your bags.

Due to the Coronavirus issue, all the supermarkets have put in place restrictions on the number of items which one can buy. Make sense, and it necessary. One of the side effects of this is they have had to shut the Scan and Go service.

This defeats the purpose of social distancing and requires people to stand in long queues. Increases the chances of the carrier passing on the virus to the vulnerable. I believe a software solution where the Scan and Go device would not allow to add more than X number of items that are deemed essential supply would have been a better solution.

This is a classic case of trying to find fix in hurry vs putting extra effort to get it right. Compliance vs commitment are two different things.

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