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What do you do? Outsource

Today I took the delivery of a layout on a technical indicator. I have been using this indicator for over six months, but I wanted certain things added to it so that it visually becomes crystal clear with its signals. I got a developer to do this for me. I had to pay him fees, brief him, test the custom indicator.

I love to outsource things. I believe that is the best use of my time. Can I learn to code? Absolutely but the amount of time that it would take would not justify the effort from my perspective. You can very well choose not to pay the developer and learn to code yourself. I have always valued my time over money. Convenience is king as they. Having said that I do invest time in learning new skills, but I choose which skills these are where I am ready to invest my time and effort.

Imagine if you have a heartache, you consult a Cardiologist, and you do not start to learn Cardiology! The same principle applies here, I sought the developer who I was able to afford but was an expert in the field compared to me. You need to be able to leverage other’s expertise.

I have acquired a lot of skills over a period of time, and I can say I am Jack of all but Master of none. I am generalist, mile wide inch deep, and I am OK with it. Most of my friends disagree with me. They expect me to acquire these skills, and I choose to outsource it.

This reminds me of a scene from the 2015 movie Steve Jobs.


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