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Misinformation and Whatsapp

WhatsApp has become the default messenger of today. Yahoo messenger and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) were its iconic equals of the past.

The network effect and the ease of using WhatsApp are impressive. With the voice call and video call features, WhatsApp has become indispensable. However, every good has to come with an undesirable side effect. This is a fundamental law I suppose.

I remember having to pay money for texting someone! So when you sent the text, you made sure that the message was worth the price you were going to be charged. With mobile data being dirt cheap and the cost of sending messages is next to zero, there is no intrinsic barrier to refrain yourself. People find it easy to send anything they like without the courtesy of verifying its source. During this critical time of lockdown due to Coronavirus, it is even more important that we refrain from spreading unverified messages!

An important rule that everyone should follow is to ask this question before forwarding any message, “would I have sent this message if I had to pay for it?”

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