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Visual communication goes a long way

In the time of the pandemic, we are advised to follow social distancing. Most importantly when we are shopping for our daily essentials. Below is the sign from Tesco’s

The sign talks about maintaining a social distance of 2m. Reference to the most critical infroation i.e. being 2 meters apart comes in the third paragrah. The letters are bold to draw your attention. However, it could have done a better job of communicating this. 2m is not easy to visualise. 

There were markers like the one shown on the right which again shows that you have to be 2m meters apart. All well and good but the lack of clarity remains, how much is two meters? I am unable to visualise. Give me a context. Make it foolproof.

What these signs lack is how much is 2 meters? Please tell me! You also have the metric vs imperial system debate. The most important thing when communicating something critical is, it has to be evident and no room for ambiguity.

And along comes Sainsbury's for the rescue. The visual is strong! You need to be two trolleys apart. IT is easy to remember as well, 2 m = 2 trolleys. It may not be accurate but it gets the message across. And most of the people use trolleys, so it is full proof too!

Incredible design is intricate, but once you nail it, it can work wonders—no room for doubt. Good design is crystal clear. Well done the designers who worked on these visual for Sainsbury’s

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