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The Tao Jones Averages – A guide to whole-brained investing by Bennett W. Goodspeed

This book came recommended by Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital. I respect Mark a lot, and his thought process is something I admire. So I had to push this book right up the reading list. It was a pleasant surprise the book is a short read, yet the impact and nuggets of knowledge it delivers are life-changing.

I am a left-brained individual who loves data and logic; however, being a marketing guy, I also had to develop over the past seven years my right-sided brain, the more intuition-based decision making. The book talks about how both brains need to be involved in making the investment decisions and how it is a crucial concept to being a fully-fledged human too.

The book draws from the Tao philosophy and applies it to investing and general living. Below are some highlights.


  • Let the mind go there it will
  • There is no greater evil than forcing others to change
  • Nature’s way is simple and easy, but men prefer the intricate and the artificial
  • By making a science out of an art, try are opting to be precisely wrong than generally right
  • . . .trying to understand running water by catching it in a bucket

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