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Jony Ive – The genius behind Apple’s greatest products by Leander Kahney

Jony is someone I like a designer. A minimalistic design that has inspired many. Millions of people use products which Jony has built! What an achievement. It was a quick read, the flow of the story is a little choppy, but the book is worth a read.

The philosophy around product design is amazing.


  • ‘I always understood the beauty of things made by hand,’ Jony told Steve Jobs’s biographer, Walter Isaacson. ‘I came to realize that what was really important was the care that was put into it. What I really despise is when I sense some carelessness in a product.’
  • By the age of thirteen, Jony knew he wanted ‘to draw and make stuff’, but hadn’t quite pinned down exactly what he wanted to do. He contemplated designing everything – from cars to products, from furniture to jewellery and even boats.
  • Jony’s work was exceptional and his drawing excellent. His teachers recalled that they had not seen his standard in another student of his age before; even at the age of seventeen, his designs were often production-ready.
  • ‘There is a notion in Britain of a T-shaped designer,’ Milton said, ‘one with depth of discipline in a single area but also a breadth of empathy for other areas of design. So the British design school/art school vibe informs how Jony Ive interacts with service design, multimedia aspects, the packaging [and] the publicity.’
  • To the consternation of a lot of users and reviewers, at least at first, an on-off button was omitted. The idea of pressing any button to turn the device on – and then to have it turn itself off after a period of inactivity – was a stroke of minimalist genius. ‘As such a radically new product, the iPod was inherently so compelling that it seemed appropriate for the design effort to be to simplify, remove and reduce,’ Jony said.

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