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Coronavirus and the microchip

I had a delivery yesterday of a Mesh WiFi set up. The Amazon delivery guy as on time, polite. As it was a high ticket item, I asked if he needed a signature. He said no, you have to maintain social distance. To which I replied “fair enough”.

I don’t know what was the trigger but he then went to share that he was an ex-soldier and had served in Iraq war. This social distancing was just a facade to scare people. They will not disclose that a vaccine is available and if you have to get out then you have to be vaccinated or else you will not be allowed to get out! And then you do get the jab, there will be a micro-chip in it which will alow the Government to monitor your movements!

An interesting perspective nevertheless.

Update – 21st April – This is the link (click here) that talks about how Bill Gates AMA running into the Microchip conspiracy and how the misinformation spread!

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