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Amazon gets it right again

People assume branding happens overnight. It does not. It takes a lot of time effort and money to build a brand image. It takes even monumental effort for that image to be consistent with how you want the brand to be perceived. Apple is a default example of great branding but there are others as well.

Amazon gets it right most of the time. There are issues around the way it treats it warehouse teams and the conditions in which they have to work and all, but I do not think it is Amazon’s sole responsibility, as a consumer, we want everything cheaper and faster! Every conscious decision has a side effect.

I got a automated message from Amazon and what stood how is the rainbow! Each and every words is meaningful and the gratitude is genuine. Well done Amazon.

A brilliantly worded message and a heart felt thank you from Amazon.

To the doctors nurses carers and everyone on the front line

To the utilities workers keeping our country going

To the volunteers and helpers keeping spirits up

TO the pickers packer suppliers drivers

And the cleaners working at Amazon

To everyone staying at home

– Amazon

An elegantly written message.

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