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A pilot and the traveller

My little sister is a commercial pilot and was about to get certified to be able to fly commercially as a paid employee. This was a decade long dream.

Another important woman in my life is my partner, my wife. She is a travel buff, but until now, being from the Indian subcontinent meant that very few countries allowed frictionless travel. You would need a visa, have to be present at the visa center; unnecessary fees, and extremely short duration of the visa. However, the most annoying thing was the amount of paperwork required for the application to be processed! You need your salary slips, three months bank statements, blah blah blah.

Both of them were looking forward to a beautiful future and lo and behold the Covid-19 pandemic hits! And the aftermath of it will be long-lasting. Both their plan come crashing. I am trying to understand how things would pan out when the lockdown is lifted. Will people go back to having holidays abroad? Will the demand be the same? For a decent number of years, the prices of holidays have been manageable and something which most of us can afford. Holiday providers had the demand and hence enjoyed the economies of scale allowed for affordable holidays which in turn increased demand— a virtuous cycle.

But now, there will be demand but not as it used to be. As a result, the prices will go up, which will result in fewer people going on holiday abroad. Thus a vicious cycle! I am happy to be proven wrong in this instance, and we go back to what it was pre Pandemic!

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