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I was watching Paul Hollywood Eats Japan. It is a travel trail of Pual Hollywood who visits Japans and eats different delicacies of various parts of Japan. One of the joints he visits is tempura restuarnat, and this guy cooks the best of the best tempura out there! And how can someone claim to be the best at tempura? Well, this gentleman has made for over 23 years! Most of the adult life he has lived and mastered the art of making tempura!

Let this set in, 23 years, i.e., circa 8,300 days of coking one thing, and one thing only tempura! Japan has a term to explain such a master craftsman, Shokunin.

Shokunin in Japanese script.

Very few of us have the dedication of devoting our lives to a single pursuit of a particular activity or a hobby.

My latest project has been trading the financial markets, do I live the next two decades to master this art? I do not now. I am early in my journey, started since Oct 2017 and with every passing day learning more and desire to learn runs even deeper. Time will tell if I can master the art of trading or not, but that is certainly the goal.

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