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Measurement vs Inspection

Below is a brilliant excerpt from the book Excellence Wins by Horst Schulze with Dean Merrill.

Emphasis is my own.

Chapter 13, page 187

It is absolutely essential to know where a company stands. Measurement is how we determine the gap between where we think we are and where we actually are.

. . .

If I don’t measure things, I won’t know which gaps need to be filled, and that means I won’t know where I need to improve.

. . .

Some people think measurement is the boss’s tool for control – a game of “gotcha”, a scheme to make employees look bad. No, that’s not the point at all. There is a difference between inspection and measurement. Inspection means you’re looking over someone’s shoulder, trying to catch them messing up. Measurement means taking samples to determine if you and the people you’ve chosen for your organisation are fulfilling your overall vision – and if not, how to get closer to the goal in the future.

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