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Boris Johnson

I watched Boris Johnson being questioned by the Health Committee over Coronavirus situation.

One thing that stands out is Boris’ lack of details.

Any leader – with a private organisation or that of a public/Government organisation needs to have two key qualities.

1. Rally the troops. You need to be one of the finest marketers out there. Someone who can get across their message to the masses.

2. A decision-maker. Taking in all the data that you can and then using it to make key decisions. You need to be analytical.

These two qualities are diagonally opposite and hence to master these you need to be an exception to the rule. Usually you are either good at one of the two things.

From what I see, Boris has marketing skills. That’s how he was able to rally the electorate to vote him into the power. But he lacks the analytical and decision-making skills to deliver his promises. The failure is apparent when it comes to the Covid-19, losing 39K lives is horrible. Sure, you can argue, maybe the death toll could have been even enormous, we will never know. My perspective comes from his vague responses to the Health Committee. Kier Starmer’s recent questions during the Question hour has shown how different he is to his predecessor. His clam, composed and forensic questioning will expose the lack of analytical skills of our Dear PM in the months to come.

I can be completely wrong. I usually am. Only time will decide.

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