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Can’t hurt me by David Goggins

If there is one ting that I have never managed to do is lose weight. I am suppose to be around 75-80 kgs. I have never been below 96 kgs since I was 16. I weigh 110 kg now.

I came across David’s book on The Investors Podcast.

The book is about David and his early childhood struggle and how he’s a fighter. He has a terrible childhood and how he turns his life around. His physical endurance is tested every time as he tries to be a part of the Navy SEALs.

The biggest lesson is how to cope with when your body wants to give up. David talk about the 40% rule, i.e. when your body tells you to quit, it has only achieved 40% of what it is capable of!

If you want to push yourself to a whole another level, this book has to be it! A genuinely inspiring tale of a person who had multiple handicaps, dysfunctional family, abusive father, you name it. He conquers it all to become one of the finest servicemen as well a well-respected endurance athlete.

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