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Price to pay

I am a little worried. The lockdown and how we come out of it bothers me. I was not so aware or financially literate in 2008 to understand what was going on in the economy. It was a missed opportunity to learn. Things have changed since. I have studied for over 4 years now various topics on investing and economics.

To protect ourselves from Covid-19, we had to go into the lockdown; to save lives and here in the UK to avoid overwhelming the NHS. However, have we paid a more significant price then compared to what we would have if we carried on without the lockdown? I say this because of the redundancies, shop closures, big companies declaring bankruptcies.

Yes, we saved lives and stopped our health system from collapsing, but now all the lives that were saved, are very highly likely to face economic hardships? They will be miserable. There was be poverty. Recession.

I would be glad to be wrong about this! But I am unable to see it any other way. Decisions are never free, and they come with a cost.

The decisions taken so far are correct and the cost we’ll pay is worth it. Or maybe we have got it completely wrong? Time will tell.

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