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I was watching Paul Hollywood Eats Japan. It is a travel trail of Pual Hollywood who visits Japans and eats different delicacies of various parts of Japan. One of the joints he visits is tempura restuarnat, and this guy cooks the best of the best tempura out there! And how can someone claim to be […]

Germany is not a small Indian state, in fact, it would be the fifth-largest if it were part of India

Over the past few weeks, my relationships with my friends and family have become strained. I am a data-driven guy and I question almost everything. I like to think for myself. Being a Charlie Munger disciple, my toolbox contains few mental models. Below are the two fundamental tenets which form the basis of my belief […]

Coronavirus and the microchip

I had a delivery yesterday of a Mesh WiFi set up. The Amazon delivery guy as on time, polite. As it was a high ticket item, I asked if he needed a signature. He said no, you have to maintain social distance. To which I replied “fair enough”. I don’t know what was the trigger […]

A period of reflection

We are in the 4th week of lockdown. The original plan was to do a road trip me and two other friends from high school has promised in 2002. This was going to be the epic holiday we promised ourselves 18 years ago. Nature had its down plan though. So I ended up taking a […]

Values change

We look at values as something that is static. For certain universal values that is true. Example, kindness, this is a universal value and should remain constant. But values, as defined by the cultures we live in, are constantly being changed, the rate of change if slow and hence its effects are not seen immediately. […]