Bookmarks for YouTube video

YouTube is a great channel to learn new things. Its search algorithms are sound and recommendations based on your likes and history show you content which is relevant, and you are more likely to watch. There is a good video on how leaders should write by Social Sciences Division of the University of Chicago.

Larry McEnerney, Director of the University of Chicago's Writing Program, masterfully delivers this session. Below are few highlights in the first 20 minutes of this 81-minute long lecture.

YouTube - LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively


Highlights of the first 20-minutes.

  • The standard notion that writing is a basic skill - 02:03
  • Stop thinking about rules, start thinking about readers - 03:58
  • Writing to change the reader's perspective - 06:57
  • Why do teachers read a student's text? - 11:00
  • Why do people read peer review journals? - 13:00
  • Writing needs to be valuable - 13:32
  • The value lies in the readers - 16:00

The video is impressive and for any leader who wants to write, is a must watch.

Present limitations of YouTube

YouTube has become an important source to learn visually. I do not need to be physically present in the class to experience or learn (check you Aswath Damodaran's YouTube channel, if you want to learn more about corporate finance and valuation). I can also do the learning in my own time. Can break down an 80-minute video in two 40-minute slots.

  • How do I mark the parts which are essential to me?
  • How do I get back to these important nuggets again without having to watch the entire video?
  • What if I want to share nuggets with a friend who will not have 80 minutes to watch the video?

Video bookmarks

This is where video bookmarks come into play. If you are logged in while watching a video, you can add a bookmark. And can add a short note to name the bookmark.

Mock-up of a bookmark button and its position

Based on this video, below is the mock-up of how a couple of bookmarks may look like.

Mock-up - Bookmark flags

It looks untidy, but there is a scope to improve this. Once a bookmark is created; it appears just as an icon, on hover, the text box appears and expands to reveal the text.

Is there is a scope to build on this idea and improve it? Absolutely. This is just a start. A feature that is at present missing (Jan 2019) and should be added to improve the overall user experience.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash