From a single filter to cruise ship


As an internal sales, I owned most of the customer acquisition channels i.e. Twitter, [email protected] email, etc. There were so many different types of questions people asked. Few vented their frustration, most were kind.

A regular message would be

'I have XYZ type of filter, I am unable to see it on your website where do I buy its replacement?'

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The answer was straightforward; the product code was old; they need to check the online store with a new product code which I provided.

Filtration industry is a stranger one. People assume once you put the filter in place; that's it. Job done! This is such a naive way of seeing filtration.

Constant rate and Pressure Filtration
Pressure and flowrate curve. Source:

In fact, filters have a shelf life that is inversely proportional to the amount of contaminants. Lesser the contaminants, longer the shelf life. Most of the users only realise there is an issue when the filter block. And when a filter blocks, it's only doing its job.



In this instance, a filter was in place for longer than the recommended shelf life and finally block.

While doing through the email signature I realised a strange quote about 'on dock at a certain date'; it piqued my interest, and in my response, I enquired, why did this mean?

When you show genuine curiosity about people's work; people are keen to explain their actions. The response was, the email was from the Senior Engineer of a ship, and the docking date was for others to know when the ship would dock next and they could carry out routine maintenance.

I offered a 'site survey' should the ship contain more than one filters or different equipment which you need different filters. The response that followed blew me away. The ship was the 8th largest cruise ship on the planet, and I was welcomed on board to survey it!



The engineer was impressed with my proactiveness to see the fact that the ship's other equipment may suffer the same filter blockage. The site survey would give the details regarding the right filters to use for hot water applications and cold water applications. Our water sample analysis also pointed out the fact that the purification plant on board was doing its job, but the point of use water had above average solids. This could have been the reason purified water leaching metals for the pipes. This finding also made a strong point of why to use filters and also regularly change these.

The financial impact was £50,000 in annual sales and working with on the largest and prestigious cruise liner operator in the industry.


Source - Pressure curve graph

Photo by Peter Hansen on Unsplash