Reimagined menu bar

We use our mobile phones often. For work, for personal work. Our phone screen sizes are getting bigger. There is an urgent need to reimagine how we create the menu and action bars. The actions we take often, the buttons for these should be at the bottom. This helps to reach these easily. The steps which are not used as frequently, need to be at the top.

Below is an example of how Outlook app looks now.

The default view of how a message appears in the Outlook app.

Below two screenshots show why is it painful and are not easy for the user to interact with the app as the screen size becomes big.

Actions you use often are at the top.

Actions to switch between Mail, Search and Calendar is at the bottom.A reimagine bar would be the opposite where you have Search at the bottom along with the button on the top, and you move Mail and Calendar switch button at the top. Below is how it would appear and also help for better reachability and delightful user experience.