Smart actions in digital publications

Picture of Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Whilst reading National Geographic digital magazine, I spotted this advert to the Valley of the Booms. Sounds a fascinating story and would love to watch it. NatGeo programme has high production values and I like the story they tell.

I am reading this on the 4th. The programme airs on 13th. Any programme 7 days out cannot be searched on my TV box to add to record the series when it airs on the telly. 🙁

I get Google Assistant to put a reminder on the 10th to get me to record this series on the TV box. This itself is a 4-5 step process. This is when a light bulb goes on!

Would it not be awesome for the reminder to happen directly via the magazine? It is digital content after all.

  1. A hyperlinked title Valley of the Boom.
  2. Click it and it adds a reminder to your calendar (this can be device and OS agnostic). It should work for any digital device across different OS platforms. An over-engineered but an ideal solution would be to add to the series on record directly to my content provider in this case SKY. If this was available via Netflix, then it could be added to List on Netflix.

It is magical when you make it dead simple for your audience to engage with your work.

If any content provider wants to reach more audience, this is the way to improve the viewership. Create an unbroken, silky smooth experience from a simple prompt to an intended action, in this case, an advert in a magazine leading straight to recording the series via the available distribution channel.

Marketing teams should be on this to increase awareness and adoption of their product/services.


Image by Steve Harvey on Unsplash