Using a piece of code to auto-tag journal enteries

I like to record things in my digital diary. It helps to log your feelings and your achievements, and the app helps to relieve these as time passes to insightful notifications. The journal app I use is Day One

Having a diary also helps you to chart your progress and the change you have undergone as an individual. Today my little sister achieved a significant milestone; she passed her technical test which allows her to now train on Airbus A320 simulator. A step closer to being a First Officer. A dream that is more than a decade in the making.

I write about this in a new entry dated today.

There is an intelligent feature to add tags to your posts. You need to select the Tag button from the options menu. If it is a brand new tag it is added; going forward you only need to start typing it and if the tag already exists it auto populates for you to select.


The two essential tags here are Prajakta and Milestone. These are already a part of my tags. Both these tags are already present in the list as seen below. I need to manually tag the post by searching for both individually. Which is a pain and steps that can be made redundant? I think so. A piece of code can be designed to scan the posts with tags which are already present either give a suggestion to auto-tag these or give an option to the user if they want to tag the post or not. I prefer the auto-tag function.


Small steps like these make delightful user experiences.



Cover photo by Chris Ried @ Unsplash